Auto Air Conditioning Service Provided in Capalaba

Air Conditioning Regas Service (O-Zone Friendly)

Regas service
Check vent cooling and dash controls
Inspect compressor, hoses and components
Check system for leaks with electronic detector
Change filter drier if requires evacuate system
Re-gas system refrigerant
Check cabin vent temp & system operation
Final leak check

Air Conditioning Pressure Test

Pressure Test
Check if compressor clutch is engaging
Add refrigerant gas
Connect a/c pressure Gauges
Check discharge and suction pressure
Check for oil leaks.
Leak check system with electronic detector

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs
Compressor repairs and replacement
Condenser replacement
Tx valve testing
Pressure hoses manufacturer
Evaporator replacement
Electrical fans switches & controls
Regas services
pressure test
conditioning repair

New air conditioning system installation

System Installation
We install the latest o-zone friendly integrated systems that will keep you cool all year round including system warranty. Price On Application (POA)

Smell Buster

Air Conditioning Deodorizing

Our new ultrasonic deodorizing machine eliminates

Odors from a/c vents
Unpleasant cabin smells
Bacteria causing odors
Removal of micro organisms
Eye and throat irritations
Bronchial infections
Allergic reactions